Bunbury Invitational Weekend 20-21 July 2019

Our PLDA members gathered to form a team to participate in this annual event hosted by the Bunbury Ladies Darts Association. Everyone had a great time and our PLDA Ladies proudly came home winners of their division – well done Ladies!

Congratulations to the Bunbury Ladies Darts Association on the 20th Anniversary of this well run event and our PLDA Ladies have competed in most of those along the way.

(L-R) P Maren, J Gourlay (Capt), D Powell, L McKeating, K Fleming, C Sutton
Well done to Cheril on her 114 Peg!

PLDA Handicap Doubles Results 6/5/19

A terrific rollup for our annual Handicap Doubles event with 11 pairs participating. 

We played a Round Robin – the best of 1 leg and  a mercy rule when getting stuck on that wonderful Double One peg.  Only one game towards the end of the night resorted to the mercy rule though so well done everyone!

Thank you to all the girls who participated and worked hard to get the games finished at a reasonable hour.  Well done to C Sutton for her 2 x 180’s thrown and also well done to D Williams with the next highest score of 140.  Our Junior sisters Lillian & Izabel teamed up and didn’t disappoint while just missing out in the finals – great darting girls.

A big welcome back to our favourite barman – Bill. 


2019 Handicap Doubles Winners: K Ware & K Fleming
2019 Handicap Doubles Runner-up: J Merivale & V McGuirk

Metropolitan Ladies Inter-Assoc Competition 30-31/3/19

Thank you to our members who nominated to play this weekend and many thanks to the Northern Suburbs Ladies Darts Association for hosting this well run event.

Inter-Assoc is a friendly gathering of Ladies Team/Clubs competing in a game of darts while fundraising for the benefit of all Junior dart players and disabled players with the Wheelchair Fund. Funds raised go towards coaching and supporting young players and sending our U18’s and U25’s to Inter-state Championships.

Many thanks also to Inter-Assoc President, Betty Hislop and her dedicated helpers for their ongoing dedication and efforts in supporting our future dart players.

At the end of the weekend, Perth Ladies Team came in 4th place but we all had a great weekend. Thank you for being a part of it – Leonie McKeating, June Gourlay, Melissa Mangili, Nicole Walton, Kristie Boreham-Marzi, Robyn Rampant and Trish Marzi & Deb Powell for sharing position of Captain.

DWA Junior Competition 23-24/3/19

6 girls and 8 boys rolled up to take part in the Junior Competition held at the Belmont Sports & Recreation Centre on the weekend 23-24/3/19.

It was a pleasure to see the high standard of darts from these young players, including a few who have only learnt to play the game over the past couple of weeks. It was such a pity there wasn’t more support from their peers and dart clubs. These are our future dart champions and without our support and encouragement, I’m afraid to think where the game of darts in WA will be in the future .

Congratulations to our young members in Lilly & Izabel Zdun. Lilly won Girls Most Singles Won award with sister Izabel Runner/Up. Also well done to the Champion Junior Mixed Doubles Winners – Jack Bunwoth & Lilly Zdun (thanks for allowing us to share Jack).

Open Doubles 3/7/19

Well done to all our participants who took part in the 2019 Open Doubles event.

Although it was a late night we managed to finish the round robin event unscathed albeit a little tired by the end of the night.

1st Place:  J Saunders & D Powell

2nd Place:  K Fleming & K Ware

PLDA Handicap Doubles

WEDNESDAY 6 JUNE 2019 – Nominations close at 7:15pm

All members are reminded to bring their partners to play in the Handicap Doubles

Proposing a Round Robin – 1 leg with a Mercy Rule to keep the games rolling and finish at a reasonable time (depending on number of entrants).

Our Winter Soup Fundraiser has started $3 per Cup and a Bun. Look forward to seeing everyone roll up!

Winter Fundraiser – Pumpkin Soup

Ladies State Team Championships 2019

27-28 April 2019
Belmont Sports & Recreation Club
Cnr Abernathy Rd & Keane St, Belmont

PLDA nominated two teams to compete in the 2019 State Team Championships and looked forward to a great weekend of darts.

Sadly each team just missed out by being placed 3rd in their respective divisions. The Captains proudly report their players performed to the best of their ability and with utmost respect to their competitors.

Congratulations to all Winning Teams & also to the individuals who were selected to try out for a position in the WA Ladies State Team. Trials being held on the weekend 11-12 May’19 at the Belmont Sports & Recreation Club.

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