Honour Board

Proudly we list our dedicated members who have worked hard to ensure our members participate in the great game of darts, in a safe and happy environment while making new friends – thank you Ladies.


YearPresidentSecretaryTreasurerLife MembersClub Person
2020Deb PowellMarilyn MotuMelissa Mangili
2019Deb PowellMarilyn MotuVeronica McGuirk
2018Deb PowellMarilyn MotuVeronica McGuirkLeonie McKeating
2017Deb PowellMarilyn MotuVeronica McGuirkJune Lambe
2016Deb PowellMarilyn MotuVeronica McGuirkJune GourlaySue Merivale
2015Deb PowellMarilyn MotuVeronica McGuirkJune Gourlay
2014Deb PowellMarilyn MotuAnna LakeBeryl Stribley
2013Deb PowellCara FrancisAnna LakeDeb Powell
2012Deb PowellSue GallagherSue GallagherElva Hasluck**
2011Deb PowellSue GallagherAnne HeijboerVeronica McGuirkEthel Ryder
2010Michelle WhiteheadKellie KnoblauchAnne HeijboerDeb Powell
2009Michelle WhiteheadKellie KnoblauchAnne Heijboer
2008Michelle WhiteheadKellie KnoblauchAnne HeijboerAnne HeijboerTrish Marzi
2007Michelle WhiteheadJune TurnerJoyce Tyson**
2006Leigh BeswickJune TurnerJoyce Tyson**Alice McGuirkLeigh Beswick
2005Leigh BeswickJune TurnerJoyce Tyson**Nell Heijboer**
Kim Kelly
Deb Powell
2004Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
2003Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
2002Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**Pam Sutton**
2001Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
2000Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**Ivy Harvey**
1999Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1998Margaret Martin**Yvette AlgerJoyce Tyson**
1997Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**Doreen Callaghan**
Myrtle Mullaley**
Elaine Wallam
1996Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1995Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**Eileen Millen**
P Browne**
1994Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1993Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1992Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**Margaret Martin**
1991Margaret Martin**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1990Kath Gallagher**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1989Kath Gallagher**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1988Gwen FreemanJune TurnerJoyce Tyson**Grace Murphy**
1987Gwen FreemanJune TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1986Mary Henry**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1985Mary Henry**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1984Mary Henry**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**Dot Gimlett**
1983Mary Henry**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**Mary Henry**
1982Mary Henry**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1981Mary Henry**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**Nora Baker**
1980Mary Henry**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1979Phyllis Browne**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1978Phyllis Browne**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1977Isobel James**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1976Isobel James**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**June Gurr (Turner)
Joyce Tyson**
1975Isobel James**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**Isobel James**
1974Isobel James**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1973Isobel James**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1972Isobel James**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**
1971Isobel James**June TurnerJoyce Tyson**